Will Kyoto Protocol succeed?

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Do you think the international efforts to decrease green-house gas emission through Kyoto Protocol will be successful? Please give your reasons.

My Opinion:

I think the effect of Kyoto Protocol is limited. Unlike CFCs with literally no ecomony harm, nations which sign Kyoto Protocol would have to spend money on various espects (from research to cut-down fuel usage) to reduce green-house gas emission. With that, many big nations refuse to sign it.

The other reason I think is that we don’t know how much emission we need to reduce to ensure that we are safe from “the day after tomorrow” scenario. Is 1950 even enough? or even pre-industry standard (which is none)? 1990 level defined in Kyoto is nothing but a balance result from economy consideration and fear from the mother nature (with scientific “guesses”.)

Kyoto goal will be hard to reach; even it’s done eventually, the actual effect on global warning is still questionable.


18/20 without check mark. The teacher thinks I didn’t buy what he thought and believed (I think.)

Global Change and Sustainable Development is one of the few courses that is conducted in English in our school. In this lesson, Prof. Chao-Han Liu talks about stories of Ozone Hole, Green House Gas and Global Warming, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, etc. This is one of the questions asked on mid-term.