WikkiTikkiTavi Wiki Parser Implantation

This content is over 15 years old. It may be obsolete and may not reflect the current opinion of the author.

WikkiTikkiTavi Wiki is a light-weight wiki. It’s often criticised to simple to do what we want to do with a ‘wiki’. However, the core feature – the praser – is ultra light-weight and thus implantable.

For some reason, I had implanted the praser to my own php application. Here is the instructions:

  1. Download WikkiTikkiTavi Wiki from above.
  2. Create a ‘tavi’ dictionary and copy the following files into it:
    • parse/main.php
    • parse/html.php
    • parse/transforms.php
    • lib/defaults.php
    • LICENSE.txt – Important!
  3. Create config.php with the following code:
    // config.php
    // like tavi, this file is to overwrite settings in default.php
    $EnableFreeLinks = 0;
    $EnableWikiLinks = 0;
    $ViewMacroEngine = array();
  4. Create tavi-init.php outside the ‘tavi’ dictionary with:
    //below are dummies for functions not copied.
    $FlgChr = chr(255); // Flag character for parse engine.

When You need to call Tavi Praser to prase your wiki text, do the following:
echo parseText($wikitext, $ParseEngine, '');

However, as you can see from the implantation code, all the macros and wiki links are disabled.