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So the “seven things” stuff finally reach this blog.  Gen Kanai tagged me,  thanks.

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7 6 Facts

  1. English: For some reason, I speak a mixture of British and American accent, compare to American English most Taiwanese are taught to speak. I was corrected by teachers at school because they never get used to my A’s (e.g. cast), but my sister always say “your accent is so so American.” I do pride of my accent though, it makes me feel special.
  2. English (cont.): I constantly talk to myself in English; I’d even dreamed in English before (bilingual, to be precise). Nevertheless, my English sounds a lot better than it really is, as I cannot score high in standardized tests due to lack of ability to spell and writing compositions.
  3. Physics: The tagline of this blog, in English, is “Actually, I am someone who studies physics, not someone who build websites.(?)” Looking back, choosing physics as major was really a turning point of my life, but I couldn’t say it was a good or bad thing, for now. However, I could say to young high school kids that physics as major is demanding, and one have to love physics (or science in general) enough to devote that much time, thus being able to say “I’m a physicist” someday.
  4. Astronomy: When I was 2nd grade in high school, I was educational-chair in high school astronomy club, and gave lectures to 60+ people once a week for about an year. I am still able and available to do the same thing again, but there is no audiences anymore.
  5. Stellarium: Starting two years ago, I made a “Chinese language addon” for the F/OSS planetarium software, due to its official installer lacks of proper font and location setting. It had proved to be a quite a success, with 5000+ downloads every year and teachers across the island give out the URL of my website at class, asking students to install the software and feel the motion of the stars right on their screen (planetary and star motions are required materials in high school science and general astronomy). I am glad that my so-called expertise could make such contribution, and being able to stay in the circle of astronomy hobbyists as such role.
  6. The Internet: I’d been making websites from 1997; first set of files still sits inside a floppy of mine (should posted it on the net again and have it indexed by Wayback Machine so it will never be deleted). I own the domain since 2000 (check whois), and I paid the registration fee at a bank counter as direct deposit to TWNIC since I didn’t have a bank account to transfer money from. The Internet nowadays is like a big country with highways connecting to each cities, compare to small villages then with few people and little connections. I met some of my best friends in these small villages; we (as a group or graduates of Web 1.0) still get in touch and I cherished that.

I’ll stop here and left one thing untold, so to give a reason for people who I am going to tag an excuse not to post their seven things. Here are the people I would like to tag:

  • RitsuN, st3001, stillive, and anyone being to the Absurdity Land we once coined. These are the “graduates of Web 1.0” I am talking about.
  • Sonax2k, one of my first friends ended up going to the U.S.
  • CornGuo, who always trying to Google bomb me with Web or Javascript related links. Coming from the same high school, we did met on the Internet though.

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