Screen Rotation under Linux

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Remember 900×1440, the monitor I had rotated at home? I was bored one day and installed Ubuntu 7.10 on the spare hard drive, so I need to find a way to rotate screen by 270 deg in Linux.

The first method I googled is to add a line in the [Device] session of /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Rotate "CW"

… and it works. But that option unfortunatelly disables Compiz (now default installed in every Ubuntu) and Beryl — Accroding to documentation, Rotate option disables RandR extension which is required for Beryl to start up.

I ended up using another method to do the rotatation: Since RandR would able to rotate the screen itself by xrandr command, I then removed the line in xorg.conf and add the following command in /etc/gdm/Init/Default:

xrandr -o 3

Anything works fine now; Beryl starts as expected. It’s odd to see the Beryl cube become a cuboid though. No screenshots – I haven’t figure out how to do it under Linux.

P.S. I believe a 900×1440 screen is called a “Long screen” instead of a “Tail screen”. I was wrong and unable to figure out these fine difference of adjectives in English.