Rigged Game

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“Of course the game is rigged. Don’t let that stop you — if you don’t play, you can’t win.”

— Robert Heinlein

I don’t actually like this quote, yet I’d put this quote on my Facebook profile ever since I created it. It reminds me not to walk away even how painfully to me “the game” goes. It reminds me all the games I’d lost just because I refuse to participate.

Indeed, all the games are rigged in some way, because none of the rule implied, nor explicitly stated, are true. Rule of life is never defined as clearly as RFC,  Programming Specs, or W3C recommendations, so why bother implement them.

By the way, this post has a sequel, but I’d decided to keep it to myself (Ask me in person if you really want to know, and you don’t mind me whining).

這篇文章也有續集,但是不是我又有學長姐離開了。I don’t want to write it down since I will keep myself in the mood if I do. 可能寫個英文版吧。

Just suck it up. I’ll try. And maybe I would play these games well, someday.