Red Mars

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終於把 Red Mars 讀完了。還有兩本,紅火星只是火星三部曲的第一本而已呢(倒)。

火星三部曲真的是鋪陳很精細的小說;它是真科幻(在不遠的未來帶有真實性的科幻),每個章節以第三人稱描述一位角色的觀點、所見所聞與內心想法。雖然英文版裡面細緻描述的部份對我來說還算吃力,但我還是 enjoy 它所描述的世界。


Red Mars. I finally finished reading it. Although I had difficulties understanding some of the detail descriptions Robinson used on landscapes and people’s feeling, I still quite enjoy it as the first novel I choose to read the original instead of translated version.

Spoiler Follows.

很大的原因是描述那個世界的方式。一般的科幻總是在討論哪樣的新機器、新科技存在的世界所掀起的波瀾,但火星三部曲討論的並不是那樣的冷冰冰的物體。就我看起來,它討論的科學反而是社會科學、政治科學而不是物理、機械、太空。故事主要架構在不同的角色對火星未來走向的爭執;留下原始紅火星、或是 terraforming 成為適合人類居住的地方;身為由 Mars Treaty (火星條約)規範下由 UNOMA (聯合國火星事務辦公室,United Nations Office of Martian Affairs)所管理的火星,移民、礦物資源要如何分配、怎樣避免被跨國企業蠶食鯨吞;怎麼建造一個與地球不同的新社會、新火星。

不喜歡這些內容的人真的會看到睡著呢(笑)。而被那個世界所吸引的我(此書被譽為「未來的移民者指定讀物」)隨著故事心情隨著高低起伏。甚至,在某個瞬間我對發生的事很失望。當人類有科技移民到火星、terraforming 一個星球的時候,國際組織 (UN)、國際條約 (Mars Treaty) 卻沒有辦法維護社會的秩序;在政治上,火星在205x年代成為各國、聯合國、跨國企業三方面的角力場,大家都想要在這個新地方得到利益(就如300年前的歐洲各國之於美洲);在社會上,火星掏金熱所吸引的移民因為軟硬體的不足發生了暴動、犯罪率上升;地球上因為火星以及其他的資源分配導致G7與南方國家對立;最後,2061年火星上發生了革命,造成了極大的破壞;地球也自顧不暇,許多區域發生戰爭猶如第三次世界大戰(小說中沒用到這個詞就是了。)

讀完之後 Google 了一下才發現這是 Robinson 的固定寫法呢(笑)。Robinson 似乎不覺得區域合作與國際整合可以帶來永久的和平;我太天真了吧,或許文明注定要在自我毀滅與重建的輪迴中更新,就連在火星上也一樣。

Red Mars 的故事從 2027 年到 2061 年。整個火星三部曲 (+Green Mars, Blue Mars) 一共講到 2212 年,還有一個多世紀可以看。對了,在 Page One 買外文平裝小說比美國定價還便宜喔(爆);就算是降低讀小說的速度與樂趣也要練英文的人(像我orz)可以考慮。

The most important reason about why I liked the book is the way that future is described. Ordinary sci-fi always talks about some technologies or machines, the story around it or the impact to society because of it. To me, the science behind Red Mars is more like social science, political science than physics, mechanics or space science. Story of Red Mars was surrounded by the debate where Mars should be terraformed; Under the supervision of UNOMA (United Nations Office of Martian Affairs) and the Mars Treaty, how should Mars manage itself from being eaten by transnational enterprises; the immigrants; the distribution of resources; how to build a new society differ from Earth; the new Mars.

You would fall asleep if you don’t like these things. I was attracted by it. In fact, at the very moment I read, I feel kind of depressing about what had (would) happen in that future. We can sustain on Mars, we can terraform Mars, but we failed to keep our society in order. Politically, Mars had become some kind of battle field between the UN, nations, and transnational, as people did on America the New World 300 years ago. In the society, Mars gold rush results in riots and risen crime rate. The relationship between G7 nations and The South worsen because of the allocation of resources on Mars and other stuff. In the end, revolution broke out on Mars in year 2061; by then nations on Earth was busying fighting like World War 3 (the term was not used in the fiction) and couldn’t take care of the Martian crisis.

I was later find out (on Google) that was how Robinson always describe things in his novels. It seems that Robinson doesn’t believe in regional co-operation and international integration could lead to forever peace. I was to innocent to think of that; maybe civilizations are destined to rebuild itself from self-destructions over and over again – even if it’s on Mars.

Red Mars had a timeline from Terrain year 2027 to 2061. The entire Mars Trinity goes all the way to 2212; there is 1 more century for me to read. I would just read on slowly to the future in the future :-P.

For More Information: The Mars-trilogy analyzed, Wikipedia: Mars trilogy.

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  1. 「一般的科幻總是在討論哪樣的新機器、新科技存在的世界所掀起的波瀾,但火星三部曲討論的並不是那樣的冷冰冰的物體。就我看起來,它討論的科學反而是社會科學、政治科學而不是物理、機械、太空。故事主要架構在不同的角色對火星未來走向的爭執;留下原始紅火星、或是 terraforming 成為適合人類居住的地方;身為由 Mars Treaty (火星條約)規範下由 UNOMA (聯合國火星事務辦公室,United Nations Office of Martian Affairs)所管理的火星,移民、礦物資源要如何分配、怎樣避免被跨國企業蠶食鯨吞;怎麼建造一個與地球不同的新社會、新火星。」

    (不過我是看中文翻譯本的 因為對於自己的英文閱讀速度感到不耐…)

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