Pixar buys Disney in -$7.4bn deal

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As Disney‘s own teams fail to produce next generation of princes and princesses, something like this have happened: BBC: Disney buys Pixar in $7.4bn deal.

Animation movie now is quite different than the ones in my childhood; My family have bought almost every soundtrack of Disney’s annal musical animation – until they stop producing their animation as musical. I never figure out why they stop making music animation; without being musical, animations from Disney doesn’t look like Disney anymore. I was thinking at the time they lost a key musical producer, one from the cover of soundtracks in my home.

Pixar‘s animation series, however, saved Disney by release their movie under Disney’s brand. Without the movie, Disney would unable to renew facilities in their theme parks, programs in their TV channel, and their dolls in the stores; Their characters are being forgetten. Merging with the long-time partner Disney, Pixar would insure it’s unbeatable domination in computer animations in the future through Disney’s marketing. This deal would be the total invasion of Pixar characters to Mouseton; “Disney” would stop making animation one day – Pixar is Disney.

Now, you could understand my title.

BTW, The earlist computer animation ever produced was ReBoot, by Mainframe instead of Toy Story by Pixar.





BTW, 最早做電腦動畫影片的公司其實不是Pixar。MainframeReBoot才是最早的(小時候在台視有播過)。