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My Firefox


就跟台灣人吃麵包不喜歡自己塗果醬一樣:雖然Firefox比另一個瀏覽器更有越用越好用的潛能,但是大家沒有精神去找還有調整擴充套件。一個解決方法是推出裝好擴充套件的Firefox,用擴充套件拿來模仿市場上有名的瀏覽器,像是KKman + Firefox = KKfox


This is my highly personalised Firefox. I have add notes on this photo at Flickr so please go and have a look.

Firefox has the potential to improve your surfing experience than the other browser – but takes time to find right extensions and make extensions right. That’s a big big barrier for us to promote Firefox.

We tried to solve it by introducing pre-packed Firefox that mimics other well-known browser in Taiwan – e.g. KKman + Firefox = KKfox.

4 thoughts on “My Firefox on Flickr

  1. 我來試用看看kkfox:P

  2. 其實我還是用不習慣 Firefox, 可能是我沒有什麼特別的需求, 也可能是因為我死古板的個性.

    另外抓一個小錯誤: Personalised, 後面要換成 z 喔. “Personalized” xD

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