Messier 101

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Messier 101

這是用鹿林天文台 LOT 拍的,再用 MaxIm DL 4 做 RVB三色合成。

原本選的target是NGC4561啦,不過它太小了… 可見我們有多麼不專業:-p;因為我也只會做Dark、Bias、Flat、Bloom,沒有移除的宇宙射線的痕跡所以還是有雜點。


This image was taken using Lu-Lin LOT, then combine colours (R-V-B) with MaxIm DL 4.

My target was NGC5461, but turnout it was too small. Also being a new student on telescopes, I couldn’t remove bright dots cause by cosmic ray.

LOT is the biggest telescope in Taiwan.