Internet Explorer is not just a Browser

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Internet Explorer is a very powerful program. It not only connect websites, but automatically launches various programs, including Office applications to open it. In fact, it actually allow websites to install applications to your computer – usually with your ecknowledge. Try to recall the how you update your Windows, install the latest MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger then you will realize that.

Internet Explorer can be embedded to any windows program. The standard example is HTML Application, with others well-known examples like PCMan, KKman, Maxthon Browser. Microsoft had stop developing IE’s user interface for a very long time, forcing people to move to other ‘browsers’ without knowing they are still using it. Actually, Windows Explorer, the application that open your folders, is displaying folders in an IE – then it enables an icon displaying box within the IE box. Norton AntiVirus, sounds strangle to do so for a anti-virus software, also display it’s UI in an IE box.

Of course, there always a dark side. Websites you don’t trust can install spyware in to your computer through IE. We usually expect an “Are you sure?” pop-up when they do so, but sometimes they just found a way in. There is a launch-able chain – Windows Explorer launches IE within it; IE launches Media Player; Media Player launches visual plug-ins, etc. It takes just one defect, just one, within the chain of applications to open a way in, and to damage your system.

Now you know why Microsoft ask you to update your Windows frequently.

So you really think Internet Explorer is just a browser? It does much more than you think. Why bring up IE (with these applications) just to browse Internet? Try Firefox, safer, lighter, and better.

But don’t uninstall your IE (even if you can)! You will always need it – in the field it really shows the power.

Internet Explorer是個非常強大的程式。他除了可以瀏覽網頁以外,當網頁上有檔案需要其他程式開啟的時候,它可以主動的呼叫該程式像是Word等Office程式。它甚至可以讓網站安裝程式到您的電腦中;想想看您之前怎麼更新Windows、安裝MSN Messenger或是Yahoo!即時通就會發現了。安裝程式通常需要您的同意,通常

Inrernet Explorer可以內鑲在任何Windows程式裡面。標準的範例是HTML Application,其他有名的範例還有PCManKKmanMaxthon Browser。Microsoft已經停止研發新版的IE操作畫面很久了,讓許多使用者改用其他的瀏覽器上網——但是不知道他們其實還在用IE。其實,打開資料夾會用的Windows Explorer也是把資料夾顯示在IE裡面——然後再到內鑲IE裡面再內鑲一個顯示資料夾圖示的小程式。很奇怪是就連防毒程式——Norton Anti-Virus都用IE顯示它的操作畫面。

凡事都有不好的一面。許多您不信任的網站會利用IE安裝間諜程式到電腦裡;通常網站要求安裝程式的時候,我們會看到安全性警告;但是它們就是找的到不經過同意就可以安裝的方法。IE帶著一個「程式啟動鏈」——像是Windows Explorer在自己的畫面啟動IE;IE啟動Media Player;Media Player啟動視覺效果… 只要這條鏈裡面有一個程式有瑕疵——只要一個——就會開個後門然後搞壞您的電腦。




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  1. 我昨天終於去下載了裝了,看起來的感覺很清爽,特別讓我激賞的是它的書籤管理介面,IE的介面我一直覺得不好用,FireFox的書籤管理真是太合我意啦XD(我是個很愛去亂動最愛資料夾的人,可是IE的最愛管理介面實在很糟糕,我又懶得回去Setting改orz)

  2. Firefox會盡量用標準的HTML語法顯示網站。相對於IE來說,的確功能比較少發展起來也比較礙手礙腳;但是因為遵守標準,Fx的行為(顯示設計師原本想要的樣子)是可預測的,而IE則是要經過沒天沒地的測試…。


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