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Update: Slides (Google Docs) (PDF, SlideShare) and the jQuery library.

下星期二我會在 Tossug 的 HTML5 讀書會講如何使用 HTML5 的各 API 製作 AJAX 檔案上傳控制項,取代 SWFUpload 或是 iframe。內容大概是以這篇文章說過的為底,加上一些新的發現,以及各個瀏覽器的比較。歡迎參加,請參考詳細資訊

Next Tuesday, I will be at Tossug, talking about how to implement AJAX File Upload using only APIs supplied by HTML5 to replace SWFUpload or the crappy iframe. The talk will base on this post with extend information on some findings, and comparison between browser platforms. Please register if your interested; information can be found here.

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