Hello Again!

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終於把WordPress裝好了。這次我自己修改了原來的外觀,加上了Spam Karma 2Polyglot和我自己寫的自動切換不同語言外觀的外掛。現在不是個進場的好時機,因為2.0中文版檔案還在beta… 不過我是架好了啦;希望不要再出錯。


對了,SET NAME `UTF8`還是要加耶;為什麼這種跟4.1版MySQL溝通一定要傳的指令沒有變成WordPress正式程式碼呢?

Welcome to my blog (again). I re-built it with WordPress 2, with plug-ins for anti-spam (Spam Karma 2) and multi-language (Polyglot plus a small plug-in switching template). Also, I re-designed CSS base on WordPress default.

With these effort, I hope to spend more time producing content than coding.

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  1. 讀瀏覽器Accept-Language然後切換template的外掛。

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