Green & Red

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全世界除了台灣和中國(大陸)兩個地方,其他地方的股票漲跌都是綠=上漲、紅=下跌,就連香港也是。不相信的人可以看看 CNN 或是逛逛世界各地的 Yahoo! 首頁。


Nothing to do with Taiwanese politics.

I was watching CNN one day, and I suddenly noticed the colours of the stock indexes are different: in Taiwan, when stocks rise the up arrows are coloured red; greens are the down ones.

Further investigation (on Yahoo Worldwide portals) shows that Taiwan and China are the only two places on Earth displaying stock indexes the “wrong” way. I don’t know if this was cause by Chinese traditions; red is the fortune colour used in every Chinese/Lunar New Years; green is the colour of one’s face if he/she feel ill or terrible.

On the contrary, Hong Kong does celebrate Chinese New Year – but their colours are as same as international. I guess the Chinese proverb “All terriblely green” don’t apply to them.

Chromatics means a lot in Taiwanese politics. For people who would like to know what red means politically besides Communists read this NYT article.

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