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Mind-Mapping: Reverberation Mapping


Freemind(有中文版)是製作心智繪圖的自由軟體。它儲存的檔案是 .mm ,只要按幾下滑鼠就可以匯出成圖檔或是 xHTML 網頁。.mm檔是XML格式,所以就算是記事本也可以開啟;相對於Microsoft Word 文件(二進位編碼+需要用Word才能開啟),您的知識可以長期保存而不會在未來只能看著檔案圖示發呆。

這是我第一次用心智繪圖的方式做筆記。孫老師網路數位化天文觀測的內容相當豐富以致於傳統的筆記方法變的很沒效率(天音: 提姆寫字太慢也是個原因)。


不知道那張圖真的做出來會有多複雜 🙂 。

Mind-mapping is a type of note-taking system, supporters claim that the arrangement of content would make them easy for brain to interpret and understand.

Freemind is a software draws mind-map. The .mm files it makes is in XML, and it can be easily (within few clicks) to convert to images, xHTML and more. Plus, contents will be readable even in notepad, make them out lived than Microsoft Word docs (which is in binary and always require an Word to read).

I brought my laptop to the class and this is the first mind-map I made, or took. In Digitized Observations in Astronomy Via Network, Prof. Sun told us so much that makes all the traditional note-taking method useless. But, using mind-mapping to documenting would lost some of not-related-to-topic-but-important stuff. I think I would make another mind-map with “Prof. Sun” as root if I mind-mapping his lesson from the very beginning. How complex the tree would be then 🙂 .

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