Do not quit. Or, do.

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What Tony facing is exactly where I am right now. Both of us wanted, and is doing things we are passionate about, however, quote:

  1. I’m doing too many things because I love them all, and it kind of drains me out a bit.
  2. I’m not doing enough on any particular ‘thing’ to make sure I get somewhere with it.

Besides web design and development, I don’t dance, nor I even got a real job from what I do. Yet what he quoted does mean something to me – a lot:

If you’re educated and wealthy enough to be reading this blog (which is true as you’re reading a computer screen), then you’ve got a massive advantage in life. You have the power, the wealth and the education to actually choose what to do with your life. Most of the population of the entire world doesn’t have that ability. You and I are lucky to not be fighting to stay alive day-to-day. So if you’re not doing something that you believe in – something you can be passionate about – then do something for me.


Don’t waste time @ Carsonified

So what I am doing at the moment? I am:

  • Trying to learn how to do scientific research in a lab as a part-time student
  • Writing web applications, sometimes for myself, sometimes for small paid projects
  • Contributing Mozilla projects as Firefox localization manager for Chinese (Taiwan)
  • Contributing astronomy education outreach through maintaining a language support package for a FOSS Planetarium software
  • Studying English, writing some translations (in Chinese)

I don’t exactly know how would these things get me somewhere some day. At least I know I should not waste my time.

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