Censorship 2.0

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Wikipedia lays bare two versions of China’s past, from Slashdot.

內文拿了幾篇文章來比較 Wikipedia 中文版英文版的 NPOV(中立觀點)有多麼的不同;許多中文版被放進去的內容是政府在義務教育裡面宣傳的「常識」(例如台灣「所有的居民」都有中國血統;實際上最早的居民(原住民各族)其實是南島民族。)

Web 2.0 時代的 User-generated contents 逃不出的言論控管的手掌心。Censorship 2.0。

P.S.:很早就發現這件事情了;所以我不申請 zh.wikipedia 的帳號只申請 en.wikipedia 的。

4 thoughts on “Censorship 2.0

  1. 我找不到你說的那個條目?倒是有說明台灣原住民是南島血統的。

  2. 我說的是文章裡舉的例子:

    Similarly, the English-language Wikipedia mentions the settlement of Taiwan about 4,000 years ago by aborigines who are genetically related to Malaysians. It also places the first meaningful settlement of the island by Chinese in the 16th century. The Chinese version merely speaks of cultural affinities with Malaysians and speculates about the possible exploration of the island by Chinese as far back as the third century.

  3. 其實我還是比較樂觀派的耶,會覺得如果看到不喜歡的東西就自己試著去改變,
    尤其 Wikipedia 任何人都能修呢,即使被管理員打回票還可以趁機引起大家對這件事情的注意 🙂

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