And God said…

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And God said, Let there be Maxwell’s Equations with boundary condition, and some electric charge but not magnetic charge: and there was light.

One year of the EM course takes the original parody into the next level, since Maxwell’s Equations along can not strictly describe the existence of EM waves – you’ll need charges to generate them, electric charges or magnetic charges – the later are “magnetic monopole” exists only in Maxwell’s theory but cannot be found in the real world. God just didn’t make any of them.



嚴格來說馬克斯威爾方程式本身不能解釋電磁波的存在,必須要有電荷或是「磁荷(magnetic charge)」產生電磁波,其中磁荷卻又是理論上存在但是在真實世界中找不到的磁單極。上帝可能覺得電荷就夠用了吧。

喔,原版的句子是「神說,要有光,就有了光。」,創世紀 1:3。