First flight of the lifetime

Did you remember the first time you board an airplane and fly?

Boarding Pass

On my flight here from Tokyo, there was a group of young school girls (14-ish) in the middle of cabin. They were extremely excited, chatty, especially during take off, like on-a-roller-coaster excited, literally. I was almost going to walk to the tour guide and ask her to keep their voice down — then I thought, for the most of them, it might be their first time to fly — I should not be in the position to deprive their once-a-lifetime experience. Thankfully, they were pretty quiet throughout the rest of the flight.

I don’t remember the detail of my first flight, but I did keep the boarding pass (as pictured). I don’t remember the exact year, but I am pretty sure I was as much annoy as these young forks. For better or worse, an eventful life awaits.