Roaming in Sydney

Central Station, Sydney

One of the things I really enjoy doing over and over again is to roaming around a city. A weekly railway (subway) pass, with a map, randomly selecting where to go next – either by walk or by train. Find unexpected yet excited things in the journey, observe what local people really do instead of sitting on a bus looking through a glass window. With plenty of time to cover all the attractions, there are no worries, no schedules – truly a real holiday.

Sydney is a great city to roam. There are lots of museums to visit, parks with beautiful bushes and flowers. There are shops for expensive items and small places to explore. Taiwanese even have a chance to blend in – Sydney is a city compose of people from all over the world; you don’t blend in in Tokyo (visitor is easily distinguishable by non-commuter outfits), or even in China (I think.)

Home (and reality) is two weeks away from now. Yet for the next two weeks, I’ll be away from Sydney and head for Great Barrier Reef area. G’day!

Fx3 Party 投影片:Firefox L10n

我在 Firefox 3 Party 講的投影片:Firefox L10n (PDF)

最早排這個時間是要去推銷我想接 Locale Manager 想要做的計畫啦,就是從頭生出一個協同翻譯平台。最後發現要重新發明輪子真的太累了,而且看的也不夠多,應該要 open-minded。

就變成這樣沒有結論的 presentation 囉。有任何我們應該怎麼做的建議,歡迎分享;在會場的時候,一講完 Wikipedia (zh) 的 alexsh 就說 的翻譯方式可以研究看看。

License under CC by-nc-sa-2.5-tw.

Stellarium 二三事

一直在默默的觀察 Stellarium 的開發,不過都沒有在這裡提起,簡單說一下囉:

  • 下個版本的 Stellarium (0.10.0) 會有全新的控制介面,光害模擬的部份也重寫了
  • 新控制介面似乎會直接去拿系統字型來顯示,好處是中文字型包可以功成身退了(?),壞處是新細明體(默)。
  • 因應來自於 Google Sky 與 Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope 的挑戰,新版會有線上 SDSS 影像存取的功能(我還是覺得模擬比 SDSS 拼圖好看 >< 但是,唉)
  • 沒圖沒真相,但我實在是懶得擷圖… 所以自己去載 developer’s version 來試玩,在這裡
  • 中文開發的部份,之前在此處發布的中國星官考據計畫吸引了一些香港與中國(大陸)的同好的迴響,留下了一些個人初步的成果,有興趣可以看看

老實說我還滿想功成身退的 XD。這就是惰性呀(遠目)。