Screen Rotation under Linux

Remember 900×1440, the monitor I had rotated at home? I was bored one day and installed Ubuntu 7.10 on the spare hard drive, so I need to find a way to rotate screen by 270 deg in Linux.

The first method I googled is to add a line in the [Device] session of /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Rotate "CW"

… and it works. But that option unfortunatelly disables Compiz (now default installed in every Ubuntu) and Beryl — Accroding to documentation, Rotate option disables RandR extension which is required for Beryl to start up.

I ended up using another method to do the rotatation: Since RandR would able to rotate the screen itself by xrandr command, I then removed the line in xorg.conf and add the following command in /etc/gdm/Init/Default:

xrandr -o 3

Anything works fine now; Beryl starts as expected. It’s odd to see the Beryl cube become a cuboid though. No screenshots – I haven’t figure out how to do it under Linux.

P.S. I believe a 900×1440 screen is called a “Long screen” instead of a “Tail screen”. I was wrong and unable to figure out these fine difference of adjectives in English.


ABC Greek

並不是在說住在希臘的那群人。《Greek》是 ABC Family 的新電視影集,故事的背景放在美國校園特有的兄弟會和姐妹會裡面的人際關係。

如果你有 iTunes Music Store 的美國帳號的話可以免費下載第一集

從局外的角度來看那群人感覺很有趣,畢竟沒有讀美加的大學是不會有機會涉獵這樣的組織的。不過也要在這裡警告觀眾,iTMS 上面有人寫評論認為這樣(種)影集充滿並且試圖加深偏見與刻版印象,例如讀工程的人都是怪咖,只會在 party 玩機器人跟討論 Matrix。


I appreciate your idealism, but you’ll learn, you left black and white back in high school; it’s shades and gray from here on now. Doing the right thing isn’t always the right thing, especially here — this is my life —

— Just social life!

— Which is MY LIFE!



iBon 是安源資訊在 7-11 放的多功能資訊機台,因為連上了事務機所以可以做很多事情 —— 從基本的掃描、列印到手機圖鈴訂票、繳費等等等,還支援傳檔案到網站上再拿編號到店裡去列印的功能。個人覺得很好用,需要彩色列印的時候我還滿常去的。

唯一的問題是,我因為某個誤操作導致 focus 移到了工具列,然後我發現時鐘旁邊有個熟悉的小圖示:

iBon machine failed to pass WGA

……那不是 Windows Genuine Advantage 的圖示嗎?所以 iBon 上面的 Windows 可能不是正版?

不過要確實的說,通過 WGA 並不代表 Microsoft 承認這份 Windows 是正版;反過來沒通過也不代表不是,實際上要看大量授權合約所限制的範圍(例如學校的萬用序號的合約通常都只能裝在學校擁有的財產上,有時候開放到師生宿舍電腦一台之類的;但是無論怎麼裝 WGA 都不會跳出來說盜版,可是範圍以外的理論上是[違反合約、不是刑法上的]盜版)。

BSA 可能要好好查一下了。