And God said…

And God said, Let there be Maxwell’s Equations with boundary condition, and some electric charge but not magnetic charge: and there was light.

One year of the EM course takes the original parody into the next level, since Maxwell’s Equations along can not strictly describe the existence of EM waves – you’ll need charges to generate them, electric charges or magnetic charges – the later are “magnetic monopole” exists only in Maxwell’s theory but cannot be found in the real world. God just didn’t make any of them.



嚴格來說馬克斯威爾方程式本身不能解釋電磁波的存在,必須要有電荷或是「磁荷(magnetic charge)」產生電磁波,其中磁荷卻又是理論上存在但是在真實世界中找不到的磁單極。上帝可能覺得電荷就夠用了吧。

喔,原版的句子是「神說,要有光,就有了光。」,創世紀 1:3。

Spam from Taiwan

Slashdot: Spam from Taiwan


不過就我的印象來說,我們學網上如果有發現 Open Mail Relay 都鎖卡要使用者修電腦呀;家裡的電腦中毒的時候,SEEDnet也有寄e-mail要我處理… 那,到底是哪個網路沒良心的使用者在寄廣告信呀。

PS 我絕對沒有用Link影射某大ISP沒有做好廣告信控管的工作XD

I was shock to know that there are two thirds of world’s spam mails are sent by Taiwan computers. People here just don’t have the sense to protect their own computers.

But being a person managing a small part of Taiwan Academic Network, we (MOECC) do monitoring our own net. I did once got email alert me to clean up my home computer from the ISP; So, What ISP just don’t care about the spam problem then?


In a teamwork environment, I take things personally. Way to personal than others do. I like and willing to pursue the feeling to be in a (then) successful group. I believe this kind of attitude/model leads to success.

Then it had become a problem. Since most of people I encountered didn’t feeling that personal to teamwork success, they refuse to do more than “finishing” the job. They done their share of the work only, or even MIA, leaving (people like) me to handle it.

Put it in Chinese with popular metaphor: 我只是在當好人,然後你們在消耗好人就是了。

Maybe it’s our problem, you know? To live a miserable life all the time when team up with others; to do things alone; to be the last one to turn off the light. The model is wrong, so wrong that I couldn’t take it anymore. I should stop being that personal to things, and make myself clear that I am not covering one’s ass.

Anyone who reads this post, please – see if you are consuming someone in the group/team you think you “belong” to.

Seeking other positions to be in a teamwork now – but it’s just sad to see groups I once believed in to fail and fall apart.

[震怒] 去它媽的能者多勞。