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文章的大意是說它怎麼改了佈景主題和首頁(寫了一個home.php把原來的blog首頁 —— 顯示*篇最近文章 —— 換成 static page)把Weblog程式當CMS(=網站內容管理)用。它的修改很少,只是要showWordPress當CMS用的idea而已。


看到這篇文章的時候想到緩慢進行的新版松山高中網站計畫(倒),現在正在做點idea的testing和決定前台到底是改theme、加上Widgets Plugins就好了(首頁是需要顯示最近幾篇公告反而不用幹掉blog首頁),還是整個全部重寫(說不定還比較快)。




It has been a long week; my mid-term is finally, finally over. But the bad feeling comes with this is that I can’t sure what I work for will transform to scores on exam sheet.

I have no proof that I am right. Math is still a big big thing for me to overcome, and when I take the exam today seeing (almost) everyone is writing formulas on the desk before exam starts, the same old feeling of “You can’t proof cheating is a bad thing to do, because they passed and you didn’t” goes right back again.

Whatever. Also, for the past seven days, I find a very simple but important way to stop me from distracting when I studying: simply disconnect the Ethernet cable.


I made the animation for the break-through I did this exam-time.

Notebook helps, really. With a pencil, the classic method is most effective on recording any thoughts pops up when one suppose studying something. Don’t ask me why, most of the good ideas I had was during the exam time, and in previous exams I usually realise them in study times.

Try to clean up my to-do-stock this week then.