Violence as a form of speech

Je suis Charlie - Cri à la Craie

One of my favorite graphic novels is the book “Planetes”. In it’s volume 1, the story began with a terrorist attack, took place in a mega city-colony on the Moon, in year 2075. While the struggle of the terrorist group and it’s ideology made a great plot device for the one of the themes, the story shockingly implies people have to result in terrorism action, in the late 21st century, to get their voice heard. Even with all the engineering achievement the human race have managed to build a colony on the Moon.

Journalism is a form of free speech. Money is another. Violence, is, unfortunately yet another that still exists today. I truly wish we, as a global civilization, can make social-economical advancements that could put an end to violence as a form of speech. An advancement that could exceed all others in science, technology, or simply when the number on the calendar increments.

To the victims of violence in Paris, and in all place and time.

First flight of the lifetime

Did you remember the first time you board an airplane and fly?

Boarding Pass

On my flight here from Tokyo, there was a group of young school girls (14-ish) in the middle of cabin. They were extremely excited, chatty, especially during take off, like on-a-roller-coaster excited, literally. I was almost going to walk to the tour guide and ask her to keep their voice down — then I thought, for the most of them, it might be their first time to fly — I should not be in the position to deprive their once-a-lifetime experience. Thankfully, they were pretty quiet throughout the rest of the flight.

I don’t remember the detail of my first flight, but I did keep the boarding pass (as pictured). I don’t remember the exact year, but I am pretty sure I was as much annoy as these young forks. For better or worse, an eventful life awaits.

HTML5 Word Cloud to lost access to Facebook News Feed on April 30th, 2015

Since v2.x SDK, Facebook require apps to go through Login Review process if the app need to access to News Feed. I tried to submit HTML5 Word Cloud two times but repetitively I got the same response:

read_stream – Unapproved

The read_stream permission is only approved for apps that let people use Facebook on platforms where Facebook is not already available.
If you’re building an app on Android and iOS, for example, you won’t be approved for this permission. Web, Desktop and TV apps will also not be granted this permission.

With v1.0 SDK to be turn off on April 30th, 2015, that means the app will lost it’s ability to access people’s News Feed on that date.

HTML5 Word Cloud is a Web technology demonstration, it uses JavaScript/DOM to render user input in a tag cloud, all within the browser. No user data is collected because user data never leaves the browser. It’s all written in the privacy statement, and the code base is open sourced.

If you think this app deserves access to News Feed and you happen to know someone who could help, please point them to this post. Thank you.

Facebook 將於 2015 年 4 月 30 日停止提供動態時報內容給 HTML5 文字雲

v2.x SDK 要求 Facebook 應用程式經過登入權限審核才能使用動態時報內容。我試著升級 HTML5 文字雲從 v1.0 SDK 到 v2.x 並申請審核兩次,但是兩次的審核都被拒絕。因 v1.0 SDK 將於 2015 年 4 月 30 日關閉,屆時文字雲將無法再提供產生 Facebook 動態時報的服務。

HTML5 文字雲是一個 Web 技術示範,它使用瀏覽器處理內容,提供另一種不同的呈現。使用者的資料不會離開他的電腦。這些都完整的解釋在隱私權保護聲明,程式碼也可供檢視

若您認為 HTML5 文字雲值得繼續取得動態時報內容,且您知道有人可以幫忙的話,請將這篇文章傳給他們。感謝。